3 Rules for Making an Effective Advertising Campaign

Feel like you’re getting lost in a sea of display ads from other companies? It’s probably because you are. Display ads are everywhere a consumer goes online these days, and if your ad isn’t memorable or compelling you won’t stand out.

Now the question is, how does one make their ad memorable and compelling?

Easy, follow these 3 rules:

  • Know who your target market is
  • Link a feature to a benefit
  • Connect that feature with an emotion

Rule 1: Know who your target market is

Start out by observing the lifestyles and personalities of your client base. A purchase will be made when a feature a consumer is seeking lines up with a benefit they find valuable. Market research will help you to better understand what your clientele is looking for or what products/services will be of use to them.

Rule 2: Link a feature to a benefit

Like we mentioned above, people make a purchase when a feature matches a benefit. Give them a reason to make a purchase from your company. Consumers are more likely to make a big-ticket purchase if they know they are going to get daily use out of the item or if it has a feature that fits what they need.

Rule 3: Connect that feature with an emotion

Copy that leads to an emotional response = memorable messages. One of the best ways to have your ad not be forgotten is to establish a relationship between a benefit and an emotion. Prominent emotions to evoke include excitement, joy, or fear.

Speak directly to your consumers by addressing what their needs and wants are and then evoke an emotional response. An ad that does these things will effectively connect with potential customers.